You Realize

The path you are on right now, each day, is one of just simply going through the motions.

Existing. Surviving. You keep the moving parts moving—you are a fine tuned machine. It’s all you, all the time. There seems to be no balance.

Imagine: More Joy, More Fulfillment

…as you shift with ease to an evolving mindset, creating the life that you crave. You will make it happen. You will have balance. You will find yourself creating on purpose and enjoying every moment! 

Together, we will create the life you deserve. Are you ready?

Check out what some of my current and past clients have said!

Lauren Fisher is huge gift as a coach and person. She has a uniquely blended approach that’s super practical, solution oriented, with an intuitive perspective and deepness. It was so amazing to me how she listened and understood me so quickly. Lauren then helped me to make real changes in three different life areas in just one consultation. Her energy is so supporting, uplifting. She possesses a unique ability which lead me easily and quickly from my logical mind to my intuitive mind.

Lauren’s gifted in that she is doing so with such easiness. On our first coaching session, I felt as though I am with a friend that understands me so quickly and deeply. I also appreciate how she led me directly to practical solutions that are unique for me. Lauren moved my mind in the right direction, provided me with a deep connection within myself and practical ways to follow my path in everyday life. Thank you Lauren, you have special place in my heart.


Talking with Lauren is like talking to my twin sister, the better twin of course. She is warm, non-judgmental and always very supportive. When I started to work with Lauren, I was not in a good place in life. I was a slave to my work, working 12-14 hours daily, completely out of balance in life. I felt drowning in deep dark water, helpless, at the edge of giving up in life. I kept myself going everyday only because of my obligations to my family.

By talking with Lauren weekly, I started to set my priorities everyday, started to recognize the positives in my life, started to gain clarity in my situation. I have been working with Lauren for almost 3 months now, the stress is so much less in my mind and my body! I still have a lot of work to do, still working about 10-12 hours daily, but I have peace and hope in my heart. I know I am on the right path to change my situation in the near future.

Lauren is full of insights. Her ability to grasp the critical point in any situation in a short period of time is amazing to me. She is full of positive energy. Her down-to-the-earth manner and complete honest approach put me at ease every time whenever I am hesitant in talking about anything. She is armed with tools and exercises to solve my complicated problems. I fully enjoyed our conversations and all the exercise we did together during our sessions. The seemingly effortless homework she gave me after each session gradually changed my thought pattern, I feel like I have developed new neuropathways in my brain, I am not stuck in one track any more!

I am grateful that I have an opportunity to work with Lauren, I highly recommend her to anyone who is in a difficult period of time in life. It will be a life changing experience. You will have lots of “Aha” moments while working with Lauren, these sparks will change your world.


Buffalo, NY